Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Too Much Stuff...

Ok, so I have training all week, I have to keep up with regular work on breaks, the only Ladies Room on the floor was out of commission this morning & people are just being annoying. I have Accounting class tonight. Class will include quizzes every week. Yeah. I really don't care about all the campaign BS. Looks like we're going to be hearing about Native America & the new museum ad nauseum. I haven't worked out all week.

All will be well, no?

UPDATE: Did I mention that the laptops we're using have micronized the normal viewing aspect, so my eyes are burning holes in the back of my head? And what's more, I haven't taken off my lenses in a week and a half so things are getting a little tight? Namely my temples?

On the good: Big thanks goes out to D., a coworker, for standing guard at the Men's Room while I took an urgently needed potty break. You rock! The Ladies' Room is now operational. Whew!

On that subject, what kind of moron designs a large building with only one of each bathroom per floor?!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Juicy Pulsating Candy

Two items of note:

-Swiffer products rule!!! Early on Sunday morning (eh, slightly after midnight), I found myself in the midst of a cleaning frenzy. Now, this doesn't happen often, so I just went with it. Using my new Swiffer "mop," I cleaning all tile floors in the apartment - in a matter of minutes! Amazing. I also bought the Swiffer duster & that saves all kinds of time too! Equally amazing to have a mostly dust-free living space! Yes, anyone who has visited our place would undoubted note the inch of dust on everything - but no more!

-Jolly Ranchers Chews rock! I've always been a fan of the hard candy variety, but just tried the chews yesterday at the movies & was totally hooked. Yummy, sweet & tart!

Sept 11 Note

On Saturday, Sept 11th, Jeff and I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon eating yummy hamburgers & french fries, drinking beer & reading. No hurry. Just taking our time.

It might not sound like an appropriate way to observe the 3rd anniversary of the attack, and to be quite honest, we didn't have that in mind when we headed to the Clarendon Woodgrill, but it sufficed quite nicely for us. We enjoyed an afternoon together, unhurried, doing what we enjoy doing - eating, drinking, reading, discussing. This is the sort of thing those bastards sought to destroy on that pristine morning 3 years ago - but didn't.

We rejoice in our - still free - American lives!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My Blogging Sucks...

...ok, just for a while. Work actually expects me to work - go figure! Hectic, crazy, and more hectic.

Did I mention that I'm totally sick of the whole campaign thing and esp. Kerry? Yesterday evening, at my metro station, I was accosted by a Kerry-ite (handing out Kerry bumper stickers) demanding to know if I was registered to vote. I said yes, but I'm voting for Bush. Heh. She promptly scuttled away.

Ok, back to work. Mewl, mewl, mewl.