Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Metro Blues...Shared

Jim over at the Eleven Day Empire waxes philosophic over crummy Metro passengers & motorists. There was some mention of working for food pellets that I found particularly funny. Mmm, yummy food pellets.

As you well know, readers, I have my own beefs about Metro denizens and have, on multiple occasions been almost been run over by motorists unconcerned with the little red light in full view, or the Homo sapien trying to cross the street. I really agree with his assessment and will add my own two cents.

While I hate pushing and shoving, I equally hate when people move in slow motion down the escalator or when boarding the trains. These are not disabled people nor are they all morbidly obese. And ok, I'm all for taking it easy, but you realize, I do have to get to work at SOME point, no? You do realize the world doesn't revolve around YOUR comfort or whims, no? You do realize that there are more people than just YOU trying to get to work or home, no?

And those of you who believe you're SPECIAL and block train entrances because YOU don't want to fight the mob at your stop - now that's when pushing and shoving are permissible, because clearly, you are totally SELF-ABSORBED and need to be hit with a Cluebat. I myself move in and allow others ingress, and still manage to exit at my stop. Now, there's never a question of my being able to exit, mind you, but generally, a simple "excuse me" is sufficient to create an open path out.

Consideration for others, people, let's give it a try.

Blissful Baths

About a month ago, I started taking baths again. Now before you say "ew," I do actually take showers, but until recently have denied myself the simple, cheap & totally accessible luxury of bubble baths. Like oh, yeh, I don't have time for them! The good news is - I found I actually do.

Like this morning, I was out-of-sorts after not having slept well, having woken up twenty times to pee, having anxiety dreams when I was asleep, dear husband stealing covers the entire night, taking a look out the window this morning at the rainy-crummy weather and my general disgruntlement at having-to-work-at-all-but-especially-today. I decided to call in "late" (as opposed to "sick" or "dead") and have a bath. OH MY GOD! I think I've established a new paradigm. I don't think I've ever had a bath in the morning! The story ends well, with me in a MUCH improved state of mind, turning up at the office at 11:20. OK, so I can't do this every day, but it worked wonders today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Things Worse than Death

Whilst Death is final and such, some things are worse than actually dying. Here are a few:

- Being Terri Schiavo. Period.

- Being Terri Schiavo and having an inkling about what's going on around her, namely that her scumbag husband wants to starve her to death so he can take her money for himself, the tart he's screwing and their illegitimate offspring.

-Being Terri Schiavo, and slowly & painfully starving and dehydrating, being cognizant of the above circumstances.

Lately, I saw Wit, a movie with Emma Thompson about a woman dealing with aggressive ovarian cancer and the nature of her "treatment" (otherwise known as "torture"). What the character goes thru during her illness and dealings with the medical establishment is exactly "worse than death." Very intense and actually witty protrayal by Thompson. It's really worth a see and at around $8 on, worth at least one see and pass it on.

Another worse than death perspective is staying at the same job for 30 years, with the same irritating conditions, the same stupid office politics, no authority to do anything - and the same constant fear that they're going to fire you at any moment.

What's not worse than death: completing a FAFSA so I can get Federal Funds to stop work and go to school; bed picnics which involve (now, get your mind out of the gutter!) reading leisurely while drinking wine and eating a yummy snack of olives, crusty bread, cheese & veggies - of course, with your honey; admitting you've had a problem with depression & doing something about it; weaning yourself off that "something" and feeling pretty good - and optimistic; taking a class just for the heck of it - and finding you learned a lot about the bigger picture. Now you go make your own list.

It's amazing how much is really under your control.