Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Like torture...but without the fun

Well, here's Day 3 of Fed Week, ie, the week that I apply for every government position possible. My Fed application total is up to 4, bringing my grand total to 17. Wahoo!!!

Well, I bit the bullet and entered all my resume information into AVUE Digital Services portal. And then attached my resume to my profile. Because redundancy is what government is all about. This process took SEVERAL HOURS, not just because of the particular requirements, but also because something in AOL has made my internet move at the speed of crippled turtles (if crippled turtles also had obnoxious AOL pop-up ads and update reminders). Yesterday, when I wanted to attach a pdf of my transcripts, I COULD NOT because the size exceeded the portal allowance. Hmmph.

Ah well, I proceed.

Update: order to attach my transcripts, I actually typed up a spreadsheet consolidating all the transcript info from four schools. Nice, cool, well-formatted, with the ability for one to scroll thru the entries. Tried to upload it to my AVUE file, BUT: the site doesn't accept Excel spreadsheets. So...I copy the text into Word, thus negating the beautiful formatting. But hey, it uploaded with no problem. Mewl.

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